Images of basketball players LeBron James, Derrick Rose and Kelly Oubre Jr. were created into posters using techniques in Photoshop. A universal theme was chosen of having a black and white background with the foreground players in color. Effects were added in to enhance each image based appropriately for each player.
A framed display of the LeBron James poster. A brush effect created the light rays projecting James and creating movement. The red, white and blue colours were chosen for the United States flag, James' international team.
A framed display of the Kelly Oubre Jr. poster. The lightning effect was overlay behind the subject to create an electric look for picture. Lightning was chosen to represent Oubre Jr.'s thunderous speed and skill.
A framed display of the Derrick Rose poster. An image of a fireball and an orange spray was overlay onto the basketball in Rose's hand, and manipulated with opacity changes and other techniques. Fire was chosen for Rose because of his red-hot ball handling skills.
Here is a breakdown of the strategies used in Photoshop to achieve the desired result for the Derrick Rose poster. Gaussian blur and a lowering of the saturation was used for the background to contrast with the foreground subject. The subject of Rose was traced out, then made into a layer mask. An image of a fireball was overlay using the blending mode Lighten onto the basketball in Rose's hand, and orange brush spots were also overlay to create a more vibrant appearance. To make Rose stand out even further, the saturation levels were increased on him.
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